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Ichigo's Stages of Power (Beyond Segunda Etapa)

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 14, 2014, 1:09 PM

Update 4/7/2015

Ulquiorra has constructed a simplified list of Ichigo's forms below.

Ichigo literally has 18 different stages of power, so his forms are quite troublesome to keep up with. Let Ulquiorra help you by listing these forms in the order of the Bleach timeline, and with the pictures that match each individual form.
None of the artwork featured in this journal belongs to me. Each Artwork is linked to the artist.

Kurosaki Ichigo by mindzor

Substitue Shinigami arc
0. Unborn Hollow Ichigo
530 - Vasto Lorde by belucEn Bleach531 by ZhangDing bleach 531 coloring - the black hollow - [DEOHVI] by DEOHVI

1. Ruchigo Soul Cutter
Kurosaki Ichigo by Ironcid

2. Ichigo Shikai

Captain Ichigo by Juhani ichigo by Drake 666 by drake---666 BLEACH - Ichigo's bankai by yanimator Bankai by charlestanart Ichigo by RodrigoAllasera show me your resolve by morganagod MASK_2 by Touya101 Ichigo save rukia by diabolumberto Ichigo by HollowCN

Soul Society arc
3. Ichigo Bankai
Bleach. Ichigo. by Xset Bleach | final bankai by xDeidar4 Hollow Final Getsuga Tenshou by SilverCore94 The maximum power - Ichigo Kurosaki by Veckito Ichiho Bankai: Tensa Zangetsu by VitalikLoL Bankai!! by Eroishi Shout the Dark - Bleach #377 by iThiago 'The last breath of strength' by SilverCore94 Bring It On by belucEn Bleach 500. Ichigo by Wish-Man

4. Part Hollow Ichigo (Berserk)
ichigo by wizyakuza Hollow Ichigo by Rikishi88 <da:thumb id="382649217"/>

Arrancar Ark
5. Full Hollow Ichigo (Berserk)
Hollowfication by RIKYDOSANIN

6. Ichigo Masked Bankai
Do not Die Kurosaki-kun!! by gaston18 broken mask by o-nii-san Hollow Ichigo by Nyster7 Ichigo vs Grimmjow - Page 3 by Lozeng3r Hollow unleashed - Commission by Tremblax Getsuga... TENSHOU by benderZz Warrina... Grimmjow by Ironizer Ichigo Kurosaki Hollow mask color by afran67 by afran67 Bleach 346 - Hollow Ichigo by SilverCore94

>Substitute Shinigami arc (Canon)/Bount & Zanpakuto Rebellion arcs (Filler/Non-Canon)<
7. Ichigo Masked Shikai (Berserk)
Ichigo by robalq21 Bleach - Kurosaki Hollowfication by SilverCore94 H O L L O W E D by Touya101

Hueco Mundo arc
8. Hollow 2 Ichigo (Berserk)
BLEACH 351 -  Amidst the Maelstrom of Chaos by EspadaZero Ichigo Kurosaki : RAMPAGE!!! by iAwessome Kurosaki Ichigo by NeoRuki Ichigo complete Hollowfication by Luisseb Ichigo by Touya101 Eclipsed| BLEACH by DivineImmortality Bleach Ichigo Vasto Lorde by IITheYahikoDarkII Hollowed Out by Xovq Kurosaki Ichigo Hollow. by llSwaggerll Hollow series - Ichigo by belucEn ichigo  out of control by ZhangDing Hollow Ichigo by aConst ichigo coloring by DEOHVI Ichigo Hollow wallpaper by xDeidar4 Ichigo Hollow Form by aConst

>Bleach Movie 4: Hellverse (Non-Canon)<
9. Hell Form Ichigo
ichigo jigoku by i-azu Ichigo SkullClad Form by NeoRuki

Fake Kurakura Town arc
10. Ichigo Heavy Masked Bankai
Bleach 396-Ichigo Hollow Mask by VitalikLoL Bleach 395 by KostanRyuk Bleach 396 by KostanRyuk Vaizard Ichigo chapter 404 by benderZz

Deicide arc
11. Dangai Ichigo
Ichigo in Soul Society by Juhani The Strawberry Rising by Skyline42 Bleach : You think you can end me like this aizen! by Akira-12 Bleach 417: Decide 19 by uchiha-itasuke Bleach 417 by KostanRyuk Ichigo - come on, Aizen by diabolumberto
  Ichigo - Strong Eyes by IFrAgMenTIx Ichigo Kurosaki | The Smile by Akira-12 <da:thumb id="469384590"/>

12. Zangechigo (FGT)
Ichigo Getsu by sAmA15 Mugetsu by RIKYDOSANIN Mugetsu Ichigo by VitalikLoL  Final Getsuga Tenshou by 132Jester Mugetsu by Eroishi Ichigo Mugetsu by Magooode Mugetsu - Commission by Tremblax Zangetsu's Quietus by Jinbae Ichigo - Getsuga by belucEn Mugetsu by IFrAgMenTIx <da:thumb id="386944168"/>

Xecution arc
13. Ichigo Fullbring Guard
My Power Is Back by Magooode  Kurosaki Ichigo by Plaitum Ichigo new power by valvicto4 Bleach 437 by KostanRyuk

14. Ichigo Fullbring Clad
Bleach 444: Kurosaki Ichigo by iNFERNo2446 Gruesome training session by benderZz

15. Ichigo Fullbring Exoskeleton
Bleach 451 Complete Fullbring by SilverCore94 Atack by Trazo17 Getsuga Tenshou FB by NeoRuki Fullbring Liberation by Bankai-no-jutsu Kurozaki Ichigo by Trazo17 Ichigo ch459 by aagito

16. Ichigo 2nd Shikai (Fullbring Infused)
The Savior | BLEACH by DivineImmortality Ichigo 460 by Xset Ichigo come back by Lord-Nadjib Unbroken by EiriteL Ichigo (Chapter 480) by AkilaChione Kyujo ni shinigami daiko by iGeerr Getsuga Tenshou by Magooode Kurasaki Ichigo by VitalikLoL Bleach 463 -  Strike by Law67 Ichigo Kurosaki by ToxicAvenger97 Shinigami return by drake---666 Spoiler Final Arch of Bleach by SilverCore94

17. Ichigo 2nd Bankai (Fullbring Infused)
Bleach 512 - Determination by Tremblax The New Bankai by Mizashi Kurosaki Ichigo by iNFERNo2446 Ichigo bankai by RIKYDOSANIN [Request] Ichigo for Akutoseigi by rainbuni  Bleach 512 by Kasukiii I'm the Boss by Yahik0 Ichigo Kurosaki by Akira-12 Bleach #493 - Saviour by Tremblax Bleach 475 v2 by Kasukiii Strawberry strike-back by Darkartmind87 Bleach : New Ban - kai Ichigo by Schitzzo Are you ready? by Touya101 Bleach 512 - Protect the world, Strawberry! by SilverCore94 Sode wa arimasen by iGeerr

Thousand Year Blood War arc
18. Ichigo 3rd Shikai (Quincy/Hollogami Zangetsues)
Bleach 555 by Kasukiii bleach 582 - who do you think i am? ! by i-azu Bleach - Battle of Demise by DeviousSketcher  Bleach 547 : Ichigo by OneBill Come on Bitches by adaounder Bleach 547_Ichigo Cover by AnimeFanNo1 bleach spoiler by HollowCN Bleach 542: The Blade Is Me by Kasukiii Bleach 585 Ichigo by kurosaki62 Bleach - Tatakae! by IFrAgMenTIx

?19. Ichigo 3rd Bankai (?)
Ichigo Fanart- Bankai!! by hyugasosby Bleach - True Power by NuclearAgent Bleach - Resolve by i-azu

?20. Ichigo Hollowfication (?)
?21. Ichigo Vollstandig (?)
?22. Ichigo Hogyoku (?)
?23. Ichigo Godmode (?)
?24. Ichigo Super Saiyan (?)
?25. Ichigo IDGAF Anymore (?)

The End. For Now...

Start over again ! by Tremblax
Ichigo Kurosaki - Start over AGAIN by IFrAgMenTIx


P.S. The art featured in this journal doesn't belong to me.

  • Listening to: Nothing
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  • Watching: Ichigo transform
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing I was talkin' to Cheetahqueen-91 @… and her picture along with what we we're talking about gave me this idea for the sequel, or a good fanfic. I will summaries what I believe could be one of the billion ways the story can go. But realize that this is off the top of my head and more of a draft than a finalized summery.

Hotel Transylvania 2: Reunion from Zing
This scenario primarily focuses on Dracula.
  The Prologue: Just days after Mavis and Jonathan leave the hotel, Dracula is approached by a tall human man accompanied by his subordinates. This man attempts to charm the count and invites him into his limo as a sign of acquaintanceship. Yet Drac, saw right through this man's soul and told him to leave immediately. The man then flexes his left index finger and his subordinates reach into their jackets to level their weapons at Drac. He then slowly walks over to the count and begins to talk about the usage of mind control, how Dracula hijacked a plane, and that those powers will soon belong to him. The man also explains to Dracula that because of these actions "monsters have been pegged as a threat to mankind, and have no human rights otherwise." Thus, justifying the organization's plans to track down and imprison monsters, to experiment on them like Dr. Frankenstein did with his monster. With little effort, Dracula immediately escapes the armed men as his bat form. Neglecting to contact Jonny and Mavis (as someone could be watching him) the count continues on to counsel a gathering of monsters atop a mountain side. Dracula forms this alliance in hopes, through diplomacy, of establishing human rights for monsters everywhere.

  Main Plot: Dracula and company begin to earn respect from humans all over by hosting charitable events and performing charismatic speeches in various cities. Eventually, Count Dracula and Wayne Wolf are invited into the United Nations to represent monsterkind (with frankenstein as their body guard). On vampire proof television Dracula speaks (in hopes that Mavis is listening) to all, that monsters are in danger from a prejudice organization made up of the human beings that attacked him. Most monsters seemed to believe him, but the humans needed evidence to the contrary. Unfortunately No investigation into the matter is ever carried out until the previously mentioned faction of humans, led by a man named Vindersh'von Haulton, begin condescending unto monsterkind. Stopping at nothing to track down and enslave all monsters they can find, they call themselves H.E.L.M. (the Human Evolutionary Legion of Mankind). When these terrorist activities go above the radar, the governments assimilate a special team named M.E.S.S. (The Monster Ethnicity of Special Services) and places Dracula as the captain of said team. Dracula decides to use the hotel as his base of operations, as the monsters know the area very well. The purpose of the team is not only to free and protect monsters, but to capture any monsters or humans who harm monsters. After executing several missions, Drac begins to worry a lot about his little mouse again. So he pulls his resources, in high hopes, to find Mavis and Jonathan (most likely in Hawaii), and finds out that her and johnny were last seen in Pelham, AL at a Dave Matthews band concert. "Oh YEeeesss...Johnny mentioned he had six tickets for that band, back at the hotel..."

  Rising Action: While M.E.S.S. was cleaning up his mess, Haulton learns of Drac's daughter through the reliable intel of his personal monster slave, Quasimodo. Quasi remembers some of Jonathan's last words, while he was being cooked, about having six tickets to six different Dave Matthews Band concerts, and how Johnny used them to bargain for his life. Quasi suggests to Haulton that if he were Mavis or Johnny, he'd be at their next show. During this time Drac and company were on a flight to Southaven, MS where the band would be playing tonight. Meanwhile Mavis and Johnny are riding the tour bus with the band to Southaven (which both Mavis and, definitely, Johnny are stoked about) singing "the Zing" while the band's all laughing and clapping. Later that night when the rock is rollin, the mash pits ablaze, and Mavis is amazed, they come. With helicopters, men who are armed with net guns begin to repel down, and Vindersh'von smiles. The crowds scatter in all directions with some people getting trampled, yet in all the confusion Mavis stops to help those who are down along with Jonathan and some other brave souls. H.E.L.M. swiftly closes in on the couple, and nets Johnny who then tells Mavis to fly away. They then try to net the Romanian vampire girl, but to no avail as she turns bat and fly's circles around the battle zone, refusing to leave Johnny. Drac and company closes in on the situation to see two helicopters (one in the air, one on the ground) and Johnny in their spotlight being pulled to the helicopter by two men. The hangar door departs with Dracula flying at full speed towards Johnny followed by Wayne Wolf, Frank, ect... whom all repel down to the hot zone. Nets fly at Drac, who effortlessly evades them, and lands beside the captive only to free him with a few slashes from his vampire claws. The men quickly rotate back only to see that the surprisingly fast vampire bat is already taking off with their luggage. They switch to their side arms, which are wireless tazor guns, and shoot Johnny in the back and when he falls, Vindersh'von catches him. Jonathan hangs over shouldered as Frank and company begin fighting Haulton's men. Mavis fly's to Dad with great euphoria, but tells him quickly that she needs to save Jonathan. Drac hugging her tightly (with bat wings) while shedding tears of joy and relief, tells her to hold tight while daddy handles the business. Dracula drops down in front of Vindersh'von, who has Johnny, then stops to see. Drac immediately remembers this man's face from the human town he was visiting before all this, the same tall man whom threatened to enslave monsterkind. Haulton greets Drac with a straight smile, and tells him that the powers he had dreamt of before are now a part of his very being. Taking this as a bluff the count uses his freezing technique on the tyrant only to discover that it has no effect. Haulton's smile broadens while he calls out for Quasi. Out of the heli scuttles a little dirty man dressed in a chef's outfit, who then relieves Haulton of Johnny just to point a dagger to his throat. Mavis panics toward them just to be frozen by the human. After Dracula unfreezes Mavis and conceals her to his side he turns to ask Haulton "what are you?" "The first super human, and one who'll have your soul" Haulton replies. He then presses his glowing hand to Johnny's heart, then extends the other towards Mavis. "Either you come with me peacefully, or I take his soul, you decide woman." With fury the count dashes to Haulton and begins slashing at air, for Haulton is evading. Drac is soon met with a blow to the gut and is sent flying several meters aback where Frank, who just finished off the last of Haulton's men, helps him up. When fully recovered, Dracula looks up to see Haulton standing in his helicopter who says to them, "if you care about her so much, then come to that place at which humans stole your zing away. Don't try to follow me now, if you want to see Mavis in one piece. In three nights, come alone."

  Climax: Flying through the moonlit stratosphere with mistaken optimism, our hero searches for the remains of castle Labove. But realizes a crater has taken the place in which his beloved's castle once stood. In a panic he searches left to right, then looks up to see the very structure levitating, and under bellied by an ominous magenta aura. Taking precautions, drac radio's his team to inform them of the airborne castle, and tells them to keep the engines off until the signal. After receiving the ok, the count zooms towards the courtyard where his two children are asleep. As Dracula approaches, a shadow slides down the castle tower wall then across the field towards him, and manifests itself into Vindersh'von Haulton. "Like what I've done with the place? All that magic power you've seen around Labove is nothing more than the ZING Jonathan and Mavis share!" Haulton explains. Drac becomes worried and says "what of Mavis and Jonathan?! Are they-," Dracula is interrupted by Haulton. "Alive? Yes, but by the hour their souls will have been lost from this world. And they'll forever traverse the spiritual plane of reality, give me the zing that you share with Martha. I'd rather not consume their zing as it is premature and unpredictable, I'll restore it to them as I take yours." Stricken by this man's words, Dracula responds "I'll give you my soul if it means saving their's! But how are you going to do it without Martha!?" Haulton shakes his head and points to the count's heart. "Don't try to play me Dracula, you know full well Martha is within you, she's always been watching you and Mavis grow." Drac's expression lit up just then, "that confirms it, it's been so long that I've begun to have my doubts. Were it not for my daughter I would have fallen apart decades ago..." The count stands beside himself in light of this information. Haulton approaches to place the palm of his hand on Dracula's chest, and the other begin's to command Johnny and Mavis's zing back into them. Haulton looks into Drac's eyes to say, "the best thing about being immortal is that you have an eternity to find your true love, which was the case for your family. And the Zing, being a supernatural true love, is a cosmic power that transcends realities and lifetimes. No ordinary human could comprehend it, the very fabric of it! Why, there's not enough words in our languages to describe the power I'm about to obtain!" Drac begins to feel his powers and life force dissipate all the while Johnny and Mavis begin to wake. An explosion of power erupts about Haulton as he takes to the skies with euphoria, laughing as he does it. Recollecting their thoughts only to witness Dracula lying on the ground. Johnny yells for Drac and they both rush over to his side. And Mavis, with tears rolling down her cheeks and Johnny's hand on her shoulder, cries " T-Tell me what to do, what should I do?" Dracula squint's his eyes with tears of joy to say, "I'm glad your safe my little...Mavy." Then looks over, "y-you promise me you'll protect her." "I will Drac..." Johnny replies, then sniffles with a sad expression. "I l-love you both, my children..." the count says as his eyes slowly shut. "NO DAD...! I love you too. I still need you..." Mavis closes her eyes as she turns to hug Jonathan who offers to hold her. "Jonathan! We have to do something about this, it's not to late! We can bring him back!" "Then that's what we'll do Mavis..." Jonathan replies. Out of the darkness a little man scuttles about and says, "The only thing you two should do is get as far away from here as possible! That evil man will eventually lust for the power of your zing as well!" Mavis turns in disgust to face Quasimodo and yells "Oh now you decide to have a heart you little traitor!" As Quasi steps back, the levitating castle begins to free fall do to the upheaval of their zing. Johnny grabs Drac and Mavis grabs Johnny as her bat form while Quasi begins to fall to his peril, but luckily Mavis is incorruptible and decides to freeze frame him. As they all settle aside the crater and watch the structure on impact, they're confronted by Haulton who presents himself as a transcended being unto them. Mavis and Johnny step in front of Drac's body. Mavis glances back to say, "This time, I'll protect you dad." "And how do you plan to do that, now that he's already dead?" Haulton asks her. "You both should have left as soon as you awoke, but since your still here, I can't resist the urge to have more zing!" Mavis shoot's her magic at Haulton while Johnny throws rocks. This makes Haulton laugh, and as he begun to slowly hover in their direction Mavis, Johnny, and frozen Quasi couldn't help but notice the red dot on the side of his face. And just a second later a rocket hit Haulton, and they raised their arms only to feel the intense heat. When the two looked up they noticed several assault vehicles accompanied by apache helicopters. It was M.E.S.S. they came to help! Frank came up from behind the unaffected Haulton to hold him while Murray and the Invisible Man diving off the helicopter began their assault. Murray engulfed Haulton in sand who, in turn, blew it all away (and Frank) with his aura. "Hmph! How pitiful..." Haulton states. The invisible man pokes him in the eyes and Haulton yells in pain with his hand over his face as he severely swings around his other fist until he hits the invisible man, who goes flying to god knows where. The helicopters begin to unload on him, and he retaliates by unleashing a plasmic slash unto the machines which begin to spin out of control as they're melting. As he recovers from the classic eye jab attack, and the bullet wounds, Haulton's eyes flicker to Mavis and he instantaneously teleports to her front. His hand goes into her chest while the other goes into Johnny's. As he's about to pull their zing away, a flash of light erupts around him and the zing begins to reverse it's direction back into Johnny and Mavis. "What's happening! No! No! No! NOO! DAMN YOU WOMAN!" Haulton screams. Mavis and Jonathan regain consciousness, and when able, Mavis kicks Haulton in his chest. As he lay on his back due to immense power loss, Haulton breathes out more aura that floats over to Drac and begins entering his mouth. Wayne climbs out of his apache, Frank climbs out of the rubble, murray regains consciousness, Johnny's expression lights up, and Mavis smiles in all to see the undead king returning. They all make it over to him at their own paces, and as Drac awakens he is met with a circle of faces smiling down at him from what seems like the heavens as the sun is close to emerging. "I'll never leave the Hotel without you ever daddy!" Mavis says as she hugs him. "No it's ok, I'll just have to learn how to use a cell phone my honey..." Drac says while everyone chuckles. But then the count notices something in the sky just above them and begins to point out to it. Johnny helps him up while everybody watches it, this light blue aura reaches the ground by Haulton and manifests into a familiar shape. Martha.

  Falling Action: Dracula watches her walk up to him. "I don't believe it...Martha my love? But how-." "Shhh...all that matters is this moment." Martha says as she kisses Drac on the lips. Everyone gasps in witness of the real kiss. "Your real..." Dracula realizes. "Mom?" Mavis asks with a shy puzzled look on her face. "OH my dear, dear Mavis! Look at you all grown up into a beautiful young woman!" *Martha hugs Mavis* "Oh my goodness, how old are you now?" "I'm 118" Mavis replies with a shocked heart of happiness. "So did you open my gift!?" Martha replies back. *Mavis looks down while Drac steps in with a shameful smile that takes Martha's attention away* "Around the time Mavy opened the gift, she had already lost her zing. And was heart broken because I-I was the one who ran him off." Drac says in sorrow. "Honey...why would you-." "It was before he knew Jonny and me zinged! Mavis interrupted Martha. "Right, but the zing in your words set me strait my love...I could never let Mavis be unhappy, I fixed my mistake with the help of all my friends!" Dracula explains as he steps aside to reveal Jonathan to Martha. "Uh it's very nice to meet you Mrs. Dracula!" Jonathan offers a handshake. Martha goes past the gesture to offer her own as a BIG hug. "Your the guy, oh I definitely approve of you! Thank you for choosing to be with my daughter, and you take good care of her!" "yeah of course!" Johnny replies. "Oh don't worry about me mom, dad here chased a plane in broad daylight to get Johnny back for me, he wouldn't let anything happen to any of us." "What's a plane?" Martha asks. "Maybe we shouldn't talk about that subject now, but let us all go back to the hotel together my love." Dracula replies. "Yeah guys the suns coming up, I saw it when ol' grumpy here knocked me to cloud 9." The Invisible Man says. "I'd love to go with you to your hotel honey." Martha sadly says to Drac. "Wait...why does is sound like your about to leave us?" the count says while reaching for her hands, that which he can no longer touch. Everyone leans their heads forward, then some look away, down, or tear as they know what is destined to come. "Because I am." Martha begins to slowly fade away-

  The Epilogue: In a time that felt like forever for Drac, this was seen swiftly by others. A hand of a human grasps Martha's shoulder while he says "I'll go in your place woman. You have, after all, defeated me...and I still have the power. Stay with your family, flourish and grow with them. I can now go peacefully knowing...that monsters are truly mis-s-staken I-I was... Haulton disintegrates his spiritual particles into martha and is caught by her before falling face into the grass. After Frank takes him to the machine, Martha looks up to Dracula who kneels affront her with is hand placed on her chin, and they kiss. Mavy smiles while crying, Quasi tries to smile while crying, others celebrate, and Johnny smiles while placing his hands on Mavy's shoulders. They all take off, onward to the Hotel in Transylvania. Thus, beginning a renewed life for the Dracula's and company. The reunion from zing...
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